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Remote Working

Powerful Connection, Engagement & Motivation keep people together wherever they are.


Remote working is a choice to grow performance and productivity

It is not an unavoidable burden to survive against disruptive change.

Set the stage for a virtual workplace and a connected work community

PatPat360 equips Organizations with the tools for a successful transition to remote working.

Develop a work-from-home strategy

The right strategy is the one that looks at the people in the Organization. PatPat360 gives those people the tools to develop their talent in a supportive work community.


Productivity from home

Overcome misconceptions

It is not about where. It is about how!
Research shows that leadership is the crucial driver of employee performance and productivity.


Empower individuals to be self-managers

Clear objectives and continuous feedback fulfill employees’ need of purpose and personal development, promoting engagement, improving performance and enabling remote working.

Set the stage for a virtual workplace and a connected work community

Don’t let distance dampen interactions! Set up the platform that streamlines collaboration and nurtures trust among remote workers for high-performing teams.

Check on employee sentiment & wellbeing

Make sure that remote workers do not feel alone, distressed or disengaged. To do so, timely assess their wellbeing and swiftly respond to their needs.


Root decision-making on sound analytics

Are you wondering whether remote working is the right choice? Measure and compare!

Use PatPat360 to get actionable data and meaningful insights on performance with and without remote working.

Feedback analytics also help HROs identify signs of cognitive prejudices and to act to stop blinded judgements.

Are you ready to discover the true power of remote working?

Discover our Features

How to Connect

Check out the features to create a connected work community

How to Engage

Learn the magic to develop high-performing teams

How to Motivate

Grasp the new frontier of incentives to nurture talent

How to Analyze

Find out how much metadata can reveal about networks



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