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Continuous Feedback Starter Pack


per user/month

Billed annually

(w/ minimum 500 employees)

  • Employee Profile & My Story section
  • Limited Employee Skill setting (Company level)
  • Corporate Communication Posts
  • Connect: Pats & Feedbacks + Analytics
  • Engage: Find my Guru
  • Motivate: Tokens + Analytics
  • Access from Desktop & App (Android, IOS)
  • Space limit: 0,5 GB


  • Software setup and launch: employee accounts creation
  • Basic software guidance and maintenance (max 1 per month)

Top Performance & Cooperation Plan


per user/month

Billed annually

(w/ minimum 100 employees)

  • Continuous Feedback Starter Pack
  • Unlimited Employee Skill setting (Company + Individual level)
  • Connect +: Updates
  • Engage +: Objectives Cycle, Performance Review, 1:1 Meetings
  • Motivate +: PatPoints
  • On/Off option for Pats, Feedback, Tokens & Objectives
  • Customizable Evaluation Scale
  • Multilanguage setup
  • Customizable Colors
  • Unlimited Space


  • Customer satisfaction Manager and Software Engineer for continuous support
  • Regular alignment sessions


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Additional Modules


Add Modules to Basic or Optimum


Engaging features

  • Surveys & Pulse


  • MBO & LTI Programs

Advanced Analytics

  • Organizational Network Analysis Indexes
  • Tableau Software Embedded 

Tailor-made HR Assistance

Yes, PatPat360 configuration is highly flexible!

Introducing a new software is a crucial moment for an organization. Take the chance to experience and appreciate the tool with PatPat360 Starter Pack. Monitor the take-up rate and check out the added value of PatPat360 to employee engagement.

Then, contact us to move to the Optimum Plan and pick the additional modules that best suit your needs to achieve skyrocketing Cooperation, Leadership, Performance and Productivity!

Not sure which plan fits your organization?

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