PatPat360 to Motivate

Work motivation: the psychological processes that direct, energize, and maintain action toward a job, task, role, or project.

– Adam Grant & Jihae Shin


Take motivation to the next level. Blend monetary and non-monetary rewards.

Integrate traditional structured incentives with innovative and flexible ones.

Foster work dedication and nurture talent at 360°.

PatPat360 Motivators

Widespread micro-incentives for everyday flexibility


Play your skills right to collect all the PatPoints you can. Employees ranking high will win fantastic prizes and the recognition of their success, talent and hard work.

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Small deeds for huge motivation. To reward a meaningful contribution, everyday employees can send each other Tokens that are convertible into gifts or vouchers.

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Traditional incentive programs for short and long-term structure


Balance MBO short-term perspective with LTI schemes. Reward long-term achievements while creating value for the company and its shareholders.

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