PatPat360 to Analyze

Data are just summaries of thousands of stories – tell a few of those stories to help make the data meaningful.

– Chip & Dan Heath


Information comes from data, but not all data provides information.

Track down the metrics that are meaningful to you and collect the right data to measure them.

Understand the potential of metadata and take the best out of it.

PatPat360 Advanced Analytics


How much are employees engaged in the organization? Measure engament and uncover strong hidden networks.

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Benchmark employee retention measures. Nurture happiness and loyalty that fuel morale and productivity.

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It is not impossible to measure cooperation. Take advantage of it to cut down complexity and improve wellbeing.

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Check if employees’ and teams’ level of centrality in the work network allows them to achieve great results.

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Silo Mentality issue

Get free from the Silo Mentality that slows down processes and growth. Measure its incidence and move to a fluid and efficient communication.

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Bill Gates’ Secret

Take an eye on the Leanness Index. Ensure a high level of leanness among core functions and sustain a lean behavior to deliver more value.

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Graicunas Index

Assess the quality and size of work interactions to find the optimal span of control and strike the balance between supervisory capacity and costs.

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PatPat360 advanced analytics module is based on the Tableau Software embedded application. This configuration is the best choice as it offers both pre-set dashboards together with the power of a “self-BI” tool that allows you to integrate data from many sources and analyze them at your convenience.

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