PatPat360 to Engage

Employee engagement is the emotional commitment the employee has to the organization and its goals.

– Kevin Kruse


Drive engagement by defining clear Objectives and Key Results, which foster alignment and transparency in the organization.

Implement the best survey model that makes employees eager to answer and their needs truly heard.

PatPat360 Engaging Features

Objectives Cycle

Align employees around ambitious objectives and clear results. Use a flexible OKR framework that fosters transparency and cooperation.

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Run accurate Surveys to investigate employee satisfaction. Let them know that their thoughts matter by responding to their expressed needs.

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Be on top of things with timely and specific surveys that give managers contextualized insights about engagement and more.

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1:1 Meetings

Structure regular manager-employee meetings for major benefits. Strengthen team relations and career growth. Tackle issues as they arise.

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Performance Review

Optimize the Performance Review. In just a few clicks, fill detailed and constructive assessments for employees’ growth.

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Understand the level of engagement in-depth with the perfect tool to map informal work relationships and networks.

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