Feed continuous improvement and growth with real-time mini reviews. Embrace a new people management model with Feedback at 360°.


Become comfortable with honest Feedback

Active feedback exchange boosts work motivatation and talent. With PatPat360 it is easy to know who to ask for feedback and stop worrying about criticism.

Give and receive well-timed Feedback

Sending feedback immediately when needed is a great way for Managers to ensure alignment and guide employees on the right track to success.

Make Feedback easy to share from everywhere

In PatPat360, employees can give or ask for Feedback at anytime from anywhere, adding comments and using a practical evaluation scale that leaves discomfort behind.


Feedback analytics have an edge!

Feedbacks are small-scale evaluations that can help evaluators complete final Performance Reviews more efficiently. Continuously collected Feedback data will be there to back up their memory.

Feedback analytics also help HROs identify signs of cognitive prejudices and to act to stop blind judgements.