Objectives Cycles

The OKR goal-setting framework

Objectives to aim high.
Key Results to measure progress.

Tracking progress with OKRs


OKRs that are shared help monitor progress, exchange feedback, and align with the company’s mission and values.


OKRs can be linked with those of colleagues and aligned with the company’s strategic goals, creating the network of OKRs.


The OKR definition, detached from monetary rewards, encourages employees to share ideas and engage in setting ambitious goals.


Regular OKR reviews and continuous feedback help employees course-correct, improve, and deploy the strategy successfully.

OKRs with PatPat360

Strategic goals

Objectives Cycles support employees in defining OKRs that align with the organization and team’s strategic goals.

They make it easier to organize the work around the strategic priorities and to regularly track progress.

OKR dashboard to monitor progress
Choose OKR visibility

Public OKRs & more

Public objectives foster transparency and alignment, helping everyone focus on what matters the most.

Everyone can visit their colleagues’ profiles, know what they’re working on and follow OKRs to stay updated on the progress.

Managers and employees can also define objectives with limited visibility to meet the business needs.

Social recognition

An OKR goal-setting system combined with social recognition features encourages employees to set and achieve ambitious goals.

Celebrating big and small wins makes employees feel valued at work.

Praise colleagues on their objectives
Top-down and bottom-up OKR definition

Employee Engagement

With a bottom-up approach, employees can create OKRs that are meaningful to them.

They can also assess how challenging and motivating the objectives they work on are.

Using this data, leaders can assign engaging objectives and enhance employee performance.

Network of OKRs

By linking individual, team, and company goals, it becomes clear how people cooperate and how the organization works to implement its strategy.

Create the links and visualize the network of OKRs

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OKRs build on the MBO approach to overcome its limits

Management by Objectives






Tied to Monetary Incentives


Objectives & Key Results


What & How




~50% Bottom-up

Feedback & Recognition


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