Objectives Cycle

OKR approach: Objectives to aim high and Key Results to measure success, all organized and managed in one space.


Be flexible in times of uncertainty

Fast and unpredictable changes can make annual plans obsolete. Shortening the timespan of objectives makes them more tangible and can support incremental progress with major flexibility.

Enhance transparency and alignment with okr

PatPat360 goal-alignment system improves bottom-up and top-down communication, fosters cooperation and helps build high-performing teams, especially while remote working.

Keep track of workflow, challenge and inclination

Objectives help organize the work and focus on results. Thanks to tasks well-targeted to individual skills, inclination and willingness to be challenged, performance will burgeon.

short-term evaluations for accurate long-term ones

Based on the OKR approach, PatPat360 Objectives Cycles make it easy to monitor progress and success, so to systematically collect inputs for final Performance Reviews.


Use Objectives Cycles against cognitive biases

Objectives Cycles help leaders evaluate performance based on data on achieved results rather than on biased memories. 

Evaluators are not the only source of rating. During a cycle, employees can receive praise and feedback for an objective anytime.

Considering diverse perspectives from peers and superiors can deliver overall fairer assessments on objectives overall.



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