Employee engagement starts from small rewarding interactions, praises and recognition, turning the workplace into a strong community.


Enable work interactions

In big organizations and in the rise of remote working, daily social connections and work interactions risk becoming loose.

Praise small successes

Managers look for time-efficient ways to be present with their employees and let them know that their work is valuable.

Build a positive workplace,
even when everyone is remote

Employees need a positive work environment, with small but consistent encouragement from supportive colleagues.

Foster contact through a virtual gesture

Encourage quick praising on a corporate social network while collecting valuable data for HR analytics.


Stay at the cutting edge with Pat analytics and metadata!

Pats provide a continuous insight, helpful when the time comes to fill in thorough final Performance Reviews. Memory will not bias assessments anymore!

The patting level suggests the strength of formal and informal networks, even hinting at the relevance of friendship or liking. Correct for the degree of connectedness for a better proxy of overall Performance.