Collect detailed data to understand employee engagement over the long run. Adopt the system to ensure a record response rate to your surveys: gamification and prizes!


Gather more data at once

Structured surveys provide rich information on different aspects of engagement, motivation and wellbeing for a better understanding of the organizational culture.

Time-over-time comparison

Use comprehensive surveys to assess the evolution of the organizational culture and engagement over time and know when large-scale changes are needed.

Learn different aspects of employee engagement

PatPat360 surveys help investigate the level of engagement from many perspectives, identify drivers of success or obstacles and deliver thorough reports.

Design and structure surveys at will

Adopting a suitable survey design is critical to gain meaningful insights. PatPat360 numerous and customizable templates perfectly respond to this need.


Uncover comprehensive sentiment insights

Human judgement is not bias-free. This is why PatPat360 combines structured and pulse surveys: to understand how engagement fluctuates and compare employees’ overarching work issues with their contingent event-specific concerns.