Pulse Surveys

Specific checks on employee experience are valuable to act promptly for workplace wellbeing.


Get snapshots of employee engagement

The receipe for growth is to retrieve contextualized and timely data about employee sentiment. Pulse surveys can do so before it’s too late for leaders to act or for employees to remember.

Assess engagement on many levels

Having a large selection of pulse questions is important to dig deep into as many levels of engagement as needed. Choose customizable pulse modules or design new ones with PatPat360.

Make employees enjoy sharing their thoughts

With short and specific pulse surveys, PatPat360 collects data about employees’ needs and feelings in a fun and interactive way, ensuring a high response rate.

Pick up signs of disengagement to fix them

Frequent pulse checks are essential for a positive workplace. The more employees will see their needs promptly addressed, the more they will become engaged.


Extract situation-specific sentiment analytics

Pulse surveys provide accurate and timely data about employee engagement.
To look beyond limited single scenarios, combine pulse and one-time structured surveys with PatPat360 for an even more comprehensive and flawless analysis!