Slack Integration

PatPat360 integrates with Slack so that you can praise your co-workers or team members as you are talking to them in the chat or channel. With PatPat360 Slackbot, you can praise colleagues in Slack as they would in the web application itself.

You can add the app to your Slack workspace as explained below and use PatPat360 continuous feedback features right on Slack.

Setting up

A user with an admin account can add PatPat360 app to the company Slack workspace. The Add to Slack button is available through Company: Integrations>Slack.

After clicking on the button, the admin needs to click to allow the integration. Then, the app will open in Slack and the admin can proceed with the authentication.


After installing the PatPat360 app on your Slack workspace, a first authentication is needed.

You can use the Authorize PatPat360 button that appears when you add the app to the workspace. Alternatively, you can also type the /login command to do so. Fill in the popup with your PatPat360 account email in the username box and the corresponding password, then submit. You will receive a message confirming whether the authentication was successful.
Only one user needs to complete this process once; after that, all PatPat360 users on the workspace will be able to start using the app on Slack.

How it works

Once the authentication is complete, you can start praising your colleagues. Just type the /p360 wall command, choose the type of recognition you want to send, and fill out the popup. Super easy!


If you need additional support on how to use PatPat360 in Slack, you can type the /p360 help command to get additional information, the link to our Help Center, and our support contact.