Silo Mentality Issue

A protective attitude towards information at the managerial level can have several negative effects on the whole workforce. Detect the level of silo mentality in your organization with robust analytics and preserve efficiency.


One issue, too many negative spillovers

The silo mentality is a top-down issue arising from competition among senior managers and inevitably passed on to individual employees. This one attitude generates many more problems: low employee involvement, slow decision-making, duplication of tasks, overall inefficiency.

Organizational size and internal conflicts

The larger the organization, the more managers are dedicated to internal discussions while real customers are mere dots on the horizon. The presence of the silo mentality could make the situation even tougher.

Measure, analyze and monitor

The HOW4 add-on module offers specific metrics to gauge the intensity of the silo mentality throughout the organization. Tackling the problem with numbers and clear data can bring great improvements in business performance.