A different use of data and metadata offers clear and actionable retention insights about who is leaving, and when.


Monitor the outcome of the retention strategy

PatPat360 reports track turnover, early attrition and tenure rates over time for you to systematically assess the effects of the decisions and changes made.

onboarding and New recruits

Want to keep more employees through their first year? Experiment PatPat360 solution with your recruitment or onboarding programs for better results.

Take action to minimize regrettable attrition

Rely on an algorithm that predicts which employees are most likely to leave and act beforehand. Use data on turnover, tenure and leave risk by department to check retention at the team level.

Get beautiful insights faster

Tired of spending hours exporting, cleaning and organizing data to understand where you are on employee retention? Clean, interactive graphs and tables make it easy to find the data you are looking for.