Bill Gates’ Secret

There are some well-kept secrets about how to address rapid innovation development and change that affect almost every industry today. Let’s learn from the co-founder of the global tech giant Microsoft.


The secret

There should not be more than 3 levels between the people working to innovate, generate revenue and implement strategic changes and the executives responsible for decision-making.

From slogans to solutions

This secret is related to the concept of organizational leanness. PatPat360 and its advanced module HOW4 allow companies to concretely embrace and implement the rules of leanness .

Facets of how the organization works

There could be great differences between the formal organizational structure and the effective one. HOW4 module will help you shed a light on them and better understand your organization’s networks.

The metrics to measure the distance

In PatPat360 and HOW4, the capability to design the real working networks comes with a set of metrics about the so-called organizational distance, its trend over time and attention to critical areas.

More about analyzing

The one thing Bill Gates says is crucial for success.